5 Ways to Find Discount Real Estate in Cincinnati and Dayton

5 Ways to Find Discount Real Estate in Cincinnati and Dayton

When you are searching for discount investment properties, it will benefit you greatly to focus on the type of investment property that suits your overall goals and dreams as an investor. Would you prefer to earn passive income or are you going to be a hands-on landlord? Will you be investing for the short term and flipping the home. While some properties are in physical distress, many coming onto the market are due to financial distress or even foreclosure. Naturally, you will want to be certain to have your finances in order in advance, with a financing plan in place for your investment portfolio in order to move on with the deal. Unless you are an experienced property inspector, it is highly advisable to have any property you are interested in purchasing inspected by a professional. This expense is relatively small considering that you could be saving yourself from thousands of dollars of surprises down the road. Read on to learn about 5 ways to find discount real estate in Cincinnati and Dayton.


Knowing your market like the back of your hand helps you in locating discount real estate in Cincinnati and Dayton. It is important that you purchase in a location that will attract renters or buyers over the long term. Look for nearby amenities, such as schools, parks, and shopping to further enhance the value of your investment. You must quickly be able to identify likely candidates within your budget in order to pounce on the opportunity and earn the best return on your investment dollar. Through a strong commitment to maintaining an intimate knowledge of your market, you will gain the experience to recognize a good bargain when you see one. The early bird catches the worm, by being the first to respond to a new for sale sign, you may gain the upper hand at the bargaining table as well.

Dedicated to Driving For Dollars

Running a business requires dedication and repetitive tasks that bring benefits. While there is an app for nearly anything you might need these days, nothing replaces good old fashioned driving for dollars. Going out and exploring the area you are interested in investing in is one of the best ways to find discount real estate in Cincinnati and Dayton. Walking the pavement, so to speak, will enable you to zero in on hidden gems in your target area of the market. Be on the lookout for properties in disrepair, neglected lawns, or even those that appear as if they may be abandoned. There may be notices that look worn taped to the door or newspapers and flyers piling up outside. Additionally, look for properties that appear to be in stages of disrepair as well. Last but not least, take note of for sale by owner signs. 

Daily Online Search

Determining ahead of time to make your investment business just as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth can help you to succeed. Knowing the current inventory available, and practicing the daily habit of keeping on top of listings is a great way to find discount real estate in Cincinnati and Dayton. Be certain to familiarize yourself with all of the websites which will contain listings and other valuable information in searching for available property. This might also include classifieds or even local government property information available online. You will become familiar with troubled properties, signs of issues include how long it has been on the market and how many times the property has turned over. You will also start to become familiar with the trends in sales and the valuation of properties through experience.


Networking, while time-consuming, is a great way to find discount real estate in Cincinnati and Dayton. Real estate investors and professionals associated with the industry understand the importance of strong relationships amongst the many fields involved in buying, selling, owning, maintaining and managing investment properties. These groups often have gatherings devoted to building and strengthening these connections. Additionally, this is another source for locating discount properties, often there are organized exchanges of this information among members for just this purpose. You may also find sellers here who offer creative financing alternatives.

Work with Specialists

What is the easiest way to find the best discount real estate in Cincinnati and Dayton? Working with Ohio Turnkey LLC! You will want to go into this new business venture with your eyes wide open to the realities, risks, and everything involved, including the demands on your time, for the best possible outcome. Ohio Turnkey LLC will take the time to listen and help you reach your individualized investment goals. it is wise to find a trusted expert to work with. We do all of the legwork for you, so get on our list to learn about new properties as they become available! Let our experience guide you. To learn more about us and what we can offer you, send us a message or call us at (513) 443-8008 today!

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