Meet the Ohio Turnkey Team!

Bryan Blankenship – President, Founder

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Bryan has been a Licensed Ohio General Contractor, REO pro and pro flipper for over a decade.  During this span of time he has established relationships in the industry that allow us to source properties at prices others can’t match which is the driving force behind the company’s success.

When he’s not working (which is quite rare!), you can find Bryan enjoying nature, traveling, racing anything with an engine, or spending quality time with loved ones.  He and his wife reside in Lebanon, Ohio, and are both animal lovers with 3 rescued cats at home.

Nichell Williams – VIP Client Specialist

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Nichell is our Superstar VIP Client Specialist.  She’s also Mandi’s sister, but we don’t hold that against her!  She’s been involved in Ohio Real Estate investing and Rental Property Management since 2008.  She also holds a degree in Radiography that she obtained in 2006 before deciding that Real Estate was the way to go for her. Nichell joined our team in 2009 and has been a hugely integral part of our continued growth and evolution.

On top of her career with us, her little ones (Leif age 2 and Holly age 6) keep her very busy!  When she does get some free time, she loves outdoor activities of every kind.  Hiking, biking, jogging, camping….anything involving nature you’ll find her there!  We are all super thankful to have her as part of our team and she’s thankful for a company that allows her the flexibility to work from home on the weekends!

Jason Ennis – Client Portfolio Specialist

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Jason has a background in sales but wasn’t able to combine those skills with his love of real estate until joining us. His passion is understanding his client’s goals and partnering with them to find that perfect investment that will help them achieve great success!

Jason works hard to provide for his wife and their 3 kids. When he isn’t busy working Jason loves spending time with his family, attending many sporting events and hiking. When he does find some time to himself you will find him reading or taking long walks.

Chris Harrell- General Manager

Chris Harrell is our Superstar Business Process Improvement Specialist and Process Consultant (that’s a mouthful!) and a good friend of Bryan’s.  They say everyone you need is right there in your network, and that is definitely the case!

Chris is a certified ENTJ which is Myers-Briggs geek speak for “super freaking amazing at, systems, organization, improving processes, and leading a strong thriving team!”

Chris has been a successful RE Investor since the age of 25 when he bought his first property.  He has a decade of experience with property management, maintenance, preservation, remodeling, etc.

He has Fortune 500 experience as a Business Process Improvement Specialist for a huge franchise with 700 stores.

Chris was interviewed by REI Club and published online, interviewed by REIology for his success in low-income housing, and has too many accolades to type!  He specializes in automating the processes that turn Real Estate into Wealth Building Mailbox Money for our investors.

Tony Deal – Director of Acquisitions

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As a former programming engineer in the tool and die industry, Tony was rehabbing properties in his spare time until he decided to make a full time move into the real estate industry and join our team.  Tony has a long history of being able to build, fix, or make anything needed to complete a project and his true passion comes from seeing the property transformation take place.Tony has lived in Ohio his entire life.

During free time he enjoys being outside, working on a project, or relaxing in front of a fire. He enjoys spending free time with his family. One of his favorite past times is working or riding on something with an engine, either dirt bikes, buggies, or fast cars.

Ashley Woleslagle- Rehab & Construction Coordinator 

Ashley has been involved in the business of real estate for 3 years and she absolutely LOVES it! She joins us in the rehab department, where she wants to grow by being involved in the process

and learning more everyday about how homes are remodeled and restored, from start to finish.  Her no-holds-barred attitude and sunny disposition make her one of the sweetest people on our team, and we adore her for it.

In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family ( including her 2 kids), by going shopping and to concerts.

Donnie Mann, Construction & Project Manager

Donnie grew up just down the road in Goshen.  He joined the armed forces and was a United States Marine from 1993-1999. Donnie studied construction and Business Management at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.  He has been working in the restoration and remodeling industry for 15 years now, and recently joined our team to add his experience and knowledge to ours!

Now Donnie lives in Beavercreek with his wife and three children. He makes them proud!

Cindy Dixon – Office Manager/Transaction Coordinator

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Cindy came from a background of working directly for an upcoming CEO of Procter & Gamble to being a Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart.  We decided to hire her for a variety of reasons including the fact that if she can handle the diverse pressures and types of problems in those environments, then taking care of our problems should be easy!  She currently drives 45 minutes to work every day and enjoys using that uninterrupted time to focus her thoughts and plans for the day.  However, she does plans to move closer this summer to limit the nasty winter commute!

While she maintains a long distance friendship with a pilot who is most often in the air, she is perfectly happy staying rooted to the ground.  She has a passion for motorcycles and even though she doesn’t currently own one, she rides often with others and plans to buy one in the near future.  She has raised her family and has now found the time to pursue a passion in real estate.  While her son is now older, they still spend a great deal of quality time together.  She loves to read fantasy books that draw her into other worlds.  She has volunteered at animal shelters and at the Cincinnati Zoo many years ago, as animals give her a great enjoyment.  She has also done volunteer work in Senior Homes spending time and talking with people who do not have many visitors and organizing games and activities.

Roman Suarez, Acquisitions CSR

Roman’s friends call him “Man”.  He’s got two children and a wonderful wife, and he finally got to hold a formal wedding ceremony in October after 7 years of being married! He was a choir master in his church, so singing is his forte. Roman also loves to read, and has even written some ebooks that are live for sale on Amazon!

He studied Architecture in college, but ultimately decided to pursue a career in customer service instead.  Roman is a master at his craft, and he can answer any questions you might have for us while putting you at ease.  Maybe you can even get him to sing for you over the phone sometime!

Sam Padisio, Acquisitions Specialist 

Sam studied multi-media arts in college before deciding to branch out and try his hand at the world of sales and acquisitions.  As an inside sales associate, he is responsible for outbound/inbound calling, which means that often you may be speaking with him when you call in!

When he isn’t working, you’ll find Sam either reading a good book, watching history documentaries, or going on a road trip with his dog.

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