If you are interested in acquiring done-for-you cash flowing rental properties in Ohio, this video will tell you which steps to take next in the video below…

How to Get Started with Ohio Turnkey | Turn Key Real Estate Investing | Cincinnati & Dayton

So you’ve decided to invest with Ohio Turnkey. That’s great news! But what do you do next?

Well, step 1 is scheduling your free consultation call with one of our client specialists. It’s a brief introductory call where we get to know each other and what your goals and timelines are.

Step 2 is where we develop your financial strategy.

Step 3 is where we find a property that fits perfectly into that strategy and present it to you. From there, you sign the dotted line, we proceed to closing, and then we manage the property for you! You can be as hands off, or as hands on, as you like. You collect your passive income every month, and then when you’re ready to make your next purchase, just let us know. We’ll build out that portfolio together – to get you to achieve those goals of future financial freedom that you’re looking for.

If that sounds good to you, then go ahead, what are you waiting for? Schedule that consultation call now! You can reach us at 513-443-8008. We look forward to speaking with you! Ohio Turnkey offers quality real estate rental investment properties for serious investors who are looking to earn returns over time. If you’re looking for a stock market investment alternative, you’ve come to the right place!

With every customized plan, we want to understand you and your goals. We then review one of our existing blueprints and/or customize those blueprints to achieve your goals while taking into consideration your:

* Tax Plan
* Liquidity
* Cash Flow
* Time Frame
* Risk Tolerance
* Desire for Growth vs. Income

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