We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about Ohio Turnkey:

Ohio Turnkey | Client Review Testimonial | Real Estate Investing Passive Income | Karim FULL length

“The whole team is great! Their ability to find and provide such quality rentals at a low cost basis is impressive. I recommend them to many friends looking to get into Real Estate Investment, but don’t have the time for the management that comes with it. Great company culture, great people. Would highly recommend!”
-Jered Sturm

“Absolutely awesome group to deal with. Innovative, caring, and well-grounded in every aspect of real estate. I had lots of questions from a new investor point of view, and was very pleased with how the information was handled… would recommend in a heartbeat!”
-Helena McDonald

Ohio Turnkey | Real Estate Investing | Pete's Portfolio and Review

“Great turnkey rental company that provides good properties and customer service for both their investors AND their renters!
-Tim Gentil

“I have recommended him every time I hear a friend or co-worker needs help. Good job!”
-Ana Ann

“Incredible business that gets me some of the BEST ROIs on properties that I have seen. Easy to work with, fast, friendly; Always looking to invest more with these guys; wish more businesses were like these guys!”
-Matthew Fisher

“This group is great to work with. It’s awesome and not that common to work with people that are hard-working and honest.  It’s obvious that they want to build long-term relationships rather than that “burn and churn” approach that so many have. I would highly recommend them!”
-John Osborn

“This really feels like a life transition is about to happen, and I am so grateful to have met Bryan. Not only to help me get there, but to have an emotionally-intelligent friend to talk to about real life.”

“The REAL DEAL! Great company to invest with that provides solid ROIs, 5-star quality turnkey investments, GREAT portfolio-building strategies that fit each investor’s needs, and superb customer service. 5/5, highly recommend!”
-Austin Dietz

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