Properties can be separated into different class categories based on several factors, including location, time of construction, neighborhood average income, and vacancy rates.

Ohio Turnkey - Real Estate Investing Turnkey - Class A and B Properties

We bring you only the cream of the crop, which means we’re offering Class A and Class B rental properties. Here’s a breakdown of what each of those tiers means:

Class A:

  • Is located in a prime area
  • Attracts top quality tenants with higher incomes
  • Has lower vacancy rates
  • Is in a neighborhood of mostly owner-occupied homes

Class B:

  • Is in a good location, but not a “prime” one
  • Is in a neighborhood that is a mix of owner-occupied and tenant-occupied homes
  • Is commonly in a suburban area

Class C and below:

  • Is in a “riskier” location with higher crime rates
  • Is an older build requiring more repairs and upkeep
  • Is in a neighborhood that is mostly tenant-occupied homes
  • Has higher vacancy rates and lower rents

Which classes of property would you want to invest your hard-earned money into?

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