Private Lending Case Studies

CASE STUDY #1: MR. K | 3 YEARS, $178,500 EARNED

Mr. K is a successful businessman from California. He wanted to diversify his holdings and create some immediate returns to roll into a larger, long-term investment. Here’s a quick look at how we started with a single private loan from him, and built that into a stable wheel of returns over the course of two years:


Our first loan with Mr. K was fairly small, at $58,000. We structured a 6-month note for him, which he earned $5,000 on.


The following year, he re-invested the $63,000 with us through another private loan, and added a further $225,000 in funding beyond that. At the end of these notes, he had earned $40,000 from them.


During the third year of working with us through private loans, Mr. K ended up investing over $1,000,000 on our properties. At the conclusion of those notes, he had earned a further $133,500.

CASE STUDY #2: MR. & MRS. S | 2 YEARS, $20,000 EARNED

Mr. & Mrs. S are Ohio natives that carefully saved and invested into their retirement accounts over the past few decades, and are now at the point in their lives where they get to enjoy the fruits of those labors. They’re still early into retirement, so it makes sense for them to continue to invest via short-term private loans with us to produce more immediate returns and keep incoming flowing. They utilized their self-directed IRA to invest with us.

2 Years, 2 Loans

$233,000 Invested

$20,000 in Returns

CASE STUDY #3: MR. W | 1 YEAR, $23,000 EARNED

Mr. W is a family man first, and a businessman second. He’s a native of France, but he and his wife ventured across the ocean to the U.S. many years ago, and enjoyed it so much that they decided to live and work in Florida for a while. When we met him, he had just lost a good deal of money through a bad investment elsewhere, and he was eager to get back into the green and build out a larger and more stable inheritance for his children and grandchildren. We provided a dual-pronged approach for him, and directed some funds into short-term private loans, and the rest of his funds into long-term buy-and-hold rental properties.


$255,000 Invested

$23,000 in Returns


Single Family Homes
$630,000 Invested

$6,650/month in passive income


“I would highly recommend Nichell and Ohio Turnkey to anyone looking to invest in their region as well as to manage rental properties!”

“For the past five months since I purchased my rental property, I have had the absolute pleasure in working with Nichell at Ohio Turnkey. From day one, Nichell was excellent in assisting me with my onboarding process for my rental property which lead to very little to no questions on my side. She made the process very easy and was very thorough which gave me a great peace of mind that I was in good hands (given that I live very far away…in Hawaii to be exact!). Nichell continues to provide me with excellent service that is beyond my expectations. I am very impressed with her proactive nature in providing me with market trends and relevant local news that impact my investment property as well as provide me updates about my property even when there is nothing to be fixed (this is pretty much non-existent in most property management companies)! I would highly recommend Nichell and Ohio Turnkey to anyone looking to invest in their region as well as to manage rental properties!”