Welcome Jason to our team!

Welcome Jason to our team! He is our Client Portfolio Specialist.


Jason has a background in sales, but he wasn’t able to combine those skills with his love of real estate until joining us. His passion is understanding his client’s goals and partnering with them to find that perfect investment that will help them achieve great success!

Jason works hard to provide for his wife and their 3 kids. When he isn’t busy working, Jason loves spending time with his family, attending many sporting events and hiking. When he does find some time to himself, you will find him reading or taking long walks.

If you want to achieve financial independence by reaching some kind of financial goal, or you want to replace your current income with a designer passive income where you can receive monthly checks from a hands-off investment, then read on!


If you understand the power of real estate and the wealth that it can create, and you’re looking to invest passively, without all of the headaches and hassles, then look no further. 

Jason is here to help you lay out a plan customized to your specific goals that will take you from point A to point B, and then he’ll provide continued guidance throughout your journey with Ohio Turnkey, and we’ll handle all of the maintenance and management stuff for you.

Give him a call today at 513-438-8585 to see what he can do for you!


Bryan Blankenship

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